Random Thoughts of Five

Having A Random Time

Five Zombies on a park bench.

Absence of reason > evidence in slough of flesh > vacancy of eye.

Five stars that fell from heaven.

Dullness of existence > lure of streaking glory > light-years to wonder.

Five Jennifer Aniston films I’d rather not see.

Absence of talent > flicker of mane > time better spent elsewhere.

Five guys with “I work @Boeing branded to their foreheads.

Mindless fairy tales > wealth and grandeur > ultimate fallacy to security.

Five songs that never made top twenty.

Oldies but goodies> found only in the mind> of those with better taste.

Five Fingered Death Punch

Heavy metal > twisted sister > cruel intent > wrenching gut > IBS withdrawals.

Five below zero.

Relationships gone south > plummeting fall  >head spinning>mind reeling> leaves one speechless.

Five star banks that robbed you blind.

Sanctioned theft  > disguised as wisdom > integrity varnished > credibility tarnished.

Five pillars of Islam in scythes of yellow and red.

Visions of greatness > vestal virgins > nothing more than a horny man’s dream.

Five myths of Obama Care that rattle the brain.

Each camp ugly >clamoring for attention > neither listening > greed disguised as concern > trillions undisclosed.

Five Year Itch.

Time without satisfaction > questions without answers >  peace without mind.

Five and Furious > Five and Fast.

Speeding cars > nubical girls >ab–stract adolescent men.

Five star book reviews I know lied.

Lack of brilliance > false identity > lack of reason > searching for home.

Five hotels that promise comfort without bedbugs.

Fumigated > saturated > ecologically proven to shrink whatever ails ya.

Five restaurants’ that guarantee a fine cuisine.

Regardless of flavor > ignorance of calorie count > disregard for cholesterol levels > msg.

Five minutes of euphoria.

Bottom of glass > shape of donut > center of that chocolate éclair.

Five weeks of bliss.

Mindless pleasure > warmth of sun > caressing tropical breeze.

Five months of doubt.

Self-degradation > turmoil  >analyzing > patronizing > scrutinizing > paralyzing.

Five years of misery.

Wanting to leave >held captive > gossamer strings of imagination.

Five easy listening stations.

Sound without significance>wings of Calgon>Riesling>and scented candles.

Five ‘Hi’s’

High five > high low > hi sweetheart > hi Mr. Sandusky >  hi-by  > hey You!

Five Miami Dolphin’s

Men in tights > muscles flexed > testosterone inflamed pecks  > a feast for any eye.

Five Denver Cowboys.

Peers and compatriots > like father’s before > like  men who lost the Alamo.

Five shades of red.

Shades of blue > tints of yellow > flags of glory > deathbeds of despair.

Five things said that you wish you could take back.

Words blurted in anger  > thoughts left to run amuck > spleens vented without thought > injustice won but lost.

Five individuals you’re pretty sure you could do without.

First to break your heart > defame your name > burst your bubble > to catch your lie > to leave you breathless without shame.


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